Upcoming Episodes & Recordings

Upcoming Recordings

If you would like to submit a question to any of the upcoming guests, just email it to rbennett@harfordcountyliving.com

Harford County Author – Carole Noy 2-Feb
Author Judalon de Bornay (Judalon Manes ) 3-Feb SquadCast
Live for Yourself with Tricia Parido 8-Feb SquadCast
Kim Sorrelle – Writer, Speaker, World Changer 9-Feb SquadCast
Dai Manuel – Lifestyle Mentor 15-Feb SquadCast
Andy Frye – Sportswriter, Author of NINETY DAYS IN THE 90s: A Rock N Roll Time Travel Story 16-Feb SquadCast
Building your business with Nicky Billou 22-Feb SquadCast
Author Juliet Rose 1-Mar SquadCast
Peter George – Author of “The Captivating Public Speaker,” Public Speaking Coach, Speaker 2-Mar SquadCast
Authors Roundtable Podcast – Writing Techniques & Publishing Tips and Advice 3-Mar
Solve Your Drinking Problem with the Sinclair Method with Brian Noonan 8-Mar SquadCast
Dr. Susan Landers 9-Mar SquadCast