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Conversations with Rich  Bennett

Join Rich Bennett as he explores a diverse range of topics with guests from all corners of the globe. From business and art to addiction and mental health, Rich delves into thought-provoking discussions with a variety of individuals. At times, he’s joined by engaging co-hosts who bring even more depth to the conversations. Listen in as Rich shares inspiring stories from a former cult survivor, a couple who biked from Oregon to DC on a tandem bicycle, and individuals overcoming addiction and mental illness. Discover a new perspective on life with each episode of Rich’s captivating conversations.

About Rich Bennett

Rich Bennett is a Marine Corps Veteran, Professional DJ, Entrepreneur and Professional Podcaster. 

Rich started the podcast “Harford County Living” in 2015, 3 years after launching the positive news website harfordcountyliving.com. A few years later Rich started getting requests from people outside of Maryland to come on the show as guests and the podcast became “Harford County Living with Rich Bennett”. Needless to say, more requests came in and a few people suggested to Rich that he needed to expand the podcast and change the name again and “Conversations with Rich Bennett” was born. 

Rich Bennett

Rich Bennett


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